Ikawe for Men Testimonials

Natural remedy to increase male sexual drive, maintain strong erections and improve performance.

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I tried everything from prescribed drugs to other natural products. I thought it was natural to me at 54 to have [issues with erections] and to be depressed. Some products were effective for some time and some were not. To make it short I was really skeptical. But I decided to try Ikawe for Men. I found information about this product one day when researching in the Internet. After a few days I regained confidence and somehow my [issues] didn't affect me anymore. I stopped taking the prescribed products and I feel good about myself and my partner feels good too. I never thought a few drops in 3 oz of water could make such a difference. Thanks Native Remedies and Ikawe. - Vic, OH, USA
After my divorce, I began dating again and met a few lovely women. But - can you believe it - every time I 'got lucky', I would suffer with performance! Exercise helped a bit, but I just wasn't the man I used to be. Things were going from bad to worse and I even stopped dating because of it! Eventually a friend told me about Ikawe and I thought 'What have I got to lose?' Six weeks later, I just can't get enough and nor can my new girlfriend! What a difference! - Stewart, UK
Dan (28 years old) contacted me for online counseling and help with his sexual problems. Although he was in a steady relationship, Dan was afraid that he would lose his girlfriend due to his inability to maintain an erection. Even when he was aroused, Dan's erection was not as strong as he would have liked it to be and it did not last very long. When making love with his girlfriend, Dan would either ejaculate too quickly or his erection would disappear, leaving him embarrassed and his girlfriend unsatisfied. This had led to frustration and the couple were having arguments about lots of things. Dan had felt too ashamed to consult anyone face to face and chose the anonymous nature of online counseling to seek help for his problem. We worked together to draw up a healthy eating plan and a daily exercise routine and I started Dan on a course of Ikawe, three times daily. After about a week, there was a noticeable difference and Dan was beginning to feel aroused more often. A month later, Dan emailed me to say that he was a different man and that he and his girlfriend were making love every night! He felt proud that he was able to make love for longer and could satisfy his girlfriend as well as himself. - Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist
Ikawe has really [helped promote] my sex drive, as you said it would! My wife used to complain that I was never interested. She said her friends always complained that their husbands wanted too much sex but she hardly got any. Seriously - it was affecting my marriage. After taking Ikawe for 10 days I could already feel the difference... - Derrick S., USA
I just want to write and say thank you for recommending your Ikawe product... Ikawe has really made me feel like a young man again, thank you! - Graham, USA
Since I was a teenager I have been very shy and always felt like I couldn't approach women. I finally found a girlfriend, but things were not that great in bed I think because of my lack of confidence. Now I feel much more relaxed and I can enjoy sex like never before. It has made a big difference and I feel proud to be naked with my girlfriend for the first time! - Steve, USA
… Wonders for a 70 years young man! My wife says THANKS THANKS THANKS!!!! - William, FL, USA
Thank you Native Remedies! I never thought that taking a few drops of a liquid three times a day could make such a difference - John, IL, USA
Since I was a teenager I have been very shy and always felt like I couldn't approach women. I finally found a girlfriend, but things were not that great in bed I think because of my lack of confidence. Now I feel much more relaxed and I can enjoy sex like never before. [Ikawe] has made a big difference and I feel proud to be naked with my girlfriend for the first time! - Steve C., NJ, USA
Thank you thank you thank you thank you! (and another thank you from my girlfriend!) - Brent, USA
Many companies made claims about their products about the wonderful things they could do. I bought some before and nothing happened ...Sometimes I did not even want to start anything for fear that I would be a failure in bed. I am so glad that I didn't turn away this time. After only three weeks I can see the difference... I feel like a man again! - Dmitri, South Africa
I have been suffering intense stress for a long time. I believe that due to this, I lost my hair and neither felt any interest in sex nor enjoyed it. I started taking Ikawe… many thanks. - Mike, USA
First time ever writing some sort of testimonial but i just had to on this product. I'm 44 and do not have a problem with the ladies but wanted to see if I could enhance an already strong libido and performance. Oh my goodness!! After a week and a half this is ridiculous!!! I mean it. I exercise about three times a week and am in some good shape so I thought I would not notice any change. Oh my goodness!!! My poor wife is telling me something is wrong with you!! You just had some yesterday!! LOL!! Really this product has done the job!!! I also use PureCalm - mixed both in water. Fellas, try this stuff out it is the real thing! Thanks Native Remedies ...I need a cape now! - Garry, NJ
I have to say thank you for giving me my confidence back in bed. I tried Ikawe for Men for a few weeks; the product really works, it has given me stamina and a strong libido!! I am able to have long lasting erections…! - Joe, B.
My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over three years. In August ’08, our three year mark arrived and instead of collapsing in heartache and broken dreams, anger and bitterness as I did the previous years - I sat with tears in my eyes trying to find the …site that I had come across a few weeks earlier! I was so frustrated yet this time so determined to do something about it and hopefully get it right! My husband was more relaxed then I was and had been saying for years now; "If God intended for us to have children we will", this only frustrated me more as I could not have been praying harder. …I was now going to do something about my heartache. I …purchased the Fertile XX and Fertile XY along with the Ikawe for Men and Thanda and also the Liver [Dr.] on budget... After the package arrived my husband was unimpressed and did not want to take the drops. After a row about it, I let him be and took my drops. I printed out pages of the effects of chemicals and smoking and the benefits of healthy lifestyle changes on sperm and egg production, left them on the entrance and dining table and other places where I knew he would take a peek. After a few weeks I could feel twinges and we noticed positive changes happening to my body. About a month after my husband had refused to take the drops, my doctor required that he do a sperm analysis which he did, knowing that with his work, being a diesel mechanic and a smoker he was surrounded by dangerous toxins all the time, his results came back - 100% abnormal sperm … but everything else was good. Without me saying anything he started taking his drops (as well as the Liver Dr.) every morning and afternoon when he got home from work he was so good about it he would bring me my drops in bed in the morning if I had forgotten! Within two months of taking the drops we fell pregnant - I found out 5 weeks later - we were so happy and surprised! I asked him what does he think made the difference, but I didn't want to rub it in so I quickly added "what a difference a balanced meal makes!" - his answer was, "the drops!" …If you are having a hard time, please try this out. I am not being paid in any way for this, in fact I was not even asked or prompted to do so by anyone. I am doing this because these testimonials stuck in my mind the weeks before I ordered our [Fertile XX]… and I hope with all my heart that you too will give them a try. - Nicole, Namaqualand, South Africa