Femalite Testimonials

Herbal remedy for natural relief of PMS to relieve menstrual cramps and bad moods during periods.

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…My friend from the US recommended me to your site. At first I hesitated but …I [gave] it a shot. After 3 months of using [Endo-Ex] …I feel much better. Thank you to your wonderful product! I am also using Femalite now. - Josephine, Philippines
…My boyfriend said I was like a different person. I don't think he could understand and we would have one fight after the other. Since taking Femalite I can feel the difference. I don't feel so ‘blue’ and I can talk about how I feel rather than yelling and crying. Thanks for all your help - Carol, USA
Wow! What an amazing product. I was skeptical but was willing to try anything. I started taking (Femalite) and have gone through 2 cycles since. What a blessing. My husband was in complete shock that two months had gone by with no flare ups before my period. It has truly been a life changing experience and it feels good to be normal again. Thank you for this wonderful product! I would recommend this to anybody - Cheri, CA, USA
Normally five days before my period I just ‘lose it’; I usually yell and cry at my loved ones. Yesterday, I started taking Femalite. Honestly my body's reaction was almost immediate... Honestly, I have not been in a mood that great since I was a child. My fiancé commented that he looks forward to me being this happy before every period. - Anonymous
This is my second day using Femalite and I can say with confidence that I will use this product for the rest of my life! - Alexandria, USA
What a great product! I looked at all the other testimonials and felt I had nothing to lose! I had very bad PMS and was only getting relief one week out of the month. I started taking Femalite and within one day, my husband noticed a difference. Thank you so much for a great product. - Danielle C., NY
Dayle and her fiancee, David had been together for almost two years and despite the fact that they were very much in love, David had recently told Dayle that he was not able to live with her mood swings anymore. A week prior to their first appointment, they had had a terrible argument and David had threatened for the first time to move out. In floods of tears, Dayle told me that she suffered from terrible PMS and that the week before her period was like a nightmare for her and everyone around her. She said that she had tried 'everything' but that nothing helped her. According to David, Dayle was a sweet and reasonable woman every day of the month, but that before her period it seemed as though her personality changed. During this time every month, Dayle was either permanently in tears or screaming at him for minor things. I allowed the young couple to express their feelings of anger and confusion and advised Dayle to see me alone for a few sessions. I also started her on a combination of Dong Quai and Femalite, instructing her to take the Dong Quai every day for 6 months and the Femalite for the week before her period. During the next few weeks we spoke about her feelings about her role as a woman and her difficult relationship with her father during childhood and I was pleased to observe that Dayle improved steadily and began to be her kind and easy going self again. Every month, her symptoms of PMS were greatly relieved by taking a few drops of Femalite in a little water three or four times a day, depending on how she felt. By the end of three months, Dayle was only needing the Femalite for mild symptoms of PMS one or two days before her period and her relationship with David was once more blossoming. As a pleasing 'side effect' she found that she was also enjoying sex much more - a side effect that David did not complain about! - Michele Carelse, Clinical Psychologist