PureCalm Testimonials

Natural anxiety remedy to calm stress, worry, panic, fear, uneasiness, nervousness and apprehension.

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I've been having heart palpitations off and on since 1999--sometimes for a day or so sometimes for over a month at a time. I've had all the tests… I was at my wits end. The triggers seem to be excitement, either positive or negative. Having tried many herbs and vitamins, yoga and meditation, I was searching the internet to see if there was anything [else]. I ordered PureCalm on Sunday, October 25th and received it on Wednesday, October 28th. I took it the first day only once, but noticed little difference. After taking it in the recommended dosage three times the 29th I have been completely free of heart palpitations since! I understand that this is hard to believe; I still marvel everyday. Since travel is a big trigger for my palps, I will be giving it another test soon. I highly recommend this product. - MLM, WI, USA
My son was on BrightSpark, MindSoothe Jr. and Focus Formula for 9 weeks before we noticed a big change. As soon as he started taking the supplements we noticed a change in overall behavior but not much changed at school. Since we did not have a better plan we decided to stick with it and started scheduling the doses for consistency making sure the BrightSpark was 1 hour before a meal or at least 2 hours after. My husband and I carry the vials with us since they are so handy and easy to carry. At the 9 week mark it all seemed to click and now he gets good reports from school and we are all much happier - most importantly he is very happy with himself. We recently added PureCalm to deal with his anxiety and that seems to be the one that ties it all together for him. My son is very much involved with the schedule and will remind us if we forget. He is so happy and well adjusted to school now. He is by no means perfect but his outbursts have gone from 3 or 4 a week to 1 every month or so. Also, when he does have trouble in school it is so much less severe and he is able to bring himself in line much faster. For those of you who have been trying it, believe it does not work, just keep at it with a diligent effort to use it as directed. It might take 9 weeks like it did for my sons. Thank you Native Remedies. - Sharon, FL, USA
This stuff really works. I feel so much better taking it, when I don't everything is horrible. So I definitely take this everyday, but I only take it once, and the MindSoothe once, and it works great. I recommended it to my boyfriend and he is so much easier to get along with. - Lily M., AZ, USA
I started using PureCalm close to 2 years and was waking up each day to anxiousness due to menopausal symptoms. I had wanted to go through this time without prescription or hormone replacements. So as I began to research. I came across Native Remedies and decided to try PureCalm for starters and I can tell you the results were almost immediate. The anxiety I felt was gone and I then added MindSoothe to the mixture as well. The combination was great and I felt like a new person. I had managed to work through the menopausal period with almost no symptoms. Not only have I recommended PureCalm to 2 other friends and both had the same results. But the real testimony I am writing about is my husband… His blood pressure would go high every time he was in a doctor’s office. It always caused a lot of stress because he would have to go through so much aggravation to be able to get permission to play sports etc. Well this continued through his adult years as well and every time with work physicals he would have to go through numerous visits and re-testing of his blood pressure before they would admit that he did not have true high blood pressure but [anxiety at the clinics. Each year this would cause him stress because when time for company physical he would yet again go through this same ordeal. Well, 2 years ago his doctor put him on … medication, against his argument, because she felt he could have blood pressure [issues] because of the stress of having it read at her office, but then what’s to say that job or life stress was not doing that to him as well. Now that he was in his early 50's, she felt it was too much of a risk not to treat it, even though he was taking his [readings] regularly at home and the workplace and it was never high. He was not happy about it but agreed to it, but even over the 2 years when he went for his blood work his pressure would be high even if he took 2 pills before he went but the minute he was out of there it was back down. So, for the last 2 months my husband experimented and took PureCalm also 3x a day and for a week before his yearly appointed he did not take his blood pressure medicine. When he went in just yesterday for the very first time in almost 30 years his blood pressure was the best reading they had ever gotten for him in the doctors office!! The nurse let out a big wow!! Mark confessed that he had not taken his blood pressure medicine for a week(not that we would ever advise any of doing that with out their doctors approval). They were shocked and amazed and when his doctor came in she was equally surprised and pleased as well to the point that she is actually finally agreeing and taking him off of his prescription and having him come back in 2 weeks to see if it remains the same! By the time we left the office we had given both the doctor and the nurse the Native Remedies site! I am so grateful for coming across this site! - Kathy, NY, USA

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