Thanda Passion Booster Testimonials

Natural herbal remedy to increase libido and sex drive to maintain sexual desire and arousal in women.

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I should say that I am quite the skeptic, but I thought I would give it a try and OH MY GOSH!!!! ... I definitely recommend - Julie, CA, USA
I didn't think that an herbal product could make so much difference to my sex life! I can recommend it very enthusiastically!! - Elaine, USA
...The doctors always said there was nothing wrong. With these Thanda Passion Booster pills, sex maybe 3 times a year has turned into 2 to 3 times a week, and has saved my relationship. Thanks. - Maria, CO, USA
My husband has been very pleased since I started taking Thanda! He says it is like it was when we were first married. I think it is even better than that! -Caroline V., USA
I tried Thanda Passion Booster and my boyfriend took Ikawe because we wanted to see whether it was true that it could promote your sex drive... Sex was good before, but now...!!! I think I will still be taking these products for many years. We definitely are two very satisfied customers! - Zita, USA
I just wanted to say thank you… Now it is like before we had kids again. This really has helped our relationship. - Michelle, CT, USA
My wife loved me but didn't feel like showing it in an intimate way. I spent years frustrated and sometimes angry. We found your web site and our lives have changed forever. The sex is like we never could have imagined, but better-- the tender love and affection has increased exponentially. This product may have saved our marriage. - Joe, UT, USA
Past time to reorder! Need I say more? - Sandra, PA, USA
I took Accutane for my acne and only midway through did I find out it had been shown to decrease your libido. My boyfriend and I had previously had a very active sex life, and it became less and less frequent. I just didn't have a drive anymore... I happened upon this website, saw the guarantee, and thought, what the heck, I'll try it. Boy am I happy I did! We now have sex at least 4-5 times a week! I feel the same way I used to. Thank you Thanda Passion Booster! - Courtney, CA, USA
After my second child I just went right off sex. Most of the time I was just too tired, but it also seemed as though that part of me was gone forever. I can tell you that my husband was starting to get fed up with all the excuses! He bought me these libido capsules and I took them. To be honest, I was just taking them to make him feel happy but I did not think that they could make a difference. Was I wrong! Now my husband jokes and says that it is his turn to be tired! - Sarah, USA
I tried your Thanda Passion Booster capsules just for fun. Boy, did I get my money's worth!!!!! - Penny, USA
I thought that I was just one of those women who could not have an orgasm. Sex was OK at first, but most of the time I would rather curl up with a good book! Do you know that I used to fake orgasms just so that my fiancee could feel good? I know it was wrong, but I felt like I was not good enough. My friend told me about your Thanda libido capsules and I decided to give them a try. Sex is getting better and better all the time. I have been taking the capsules for three weeks and there is a definite difference. No more faking for me! - Sylvie, USA
I was always looking for something to support my sex drive and promote orgasms. I am on anti-depressants, have my own business and three children, so I am exhausted a lot of the time... I tried it for a while then was ok and didn't take it for months. I kinda found it again in my cabinet... and I really saw and felt the difference within hours. I only take two pills or even one a day... Always be happy when being intimate, and comfortable with yourself. Have fun; its a great product. I love it!!!! - Anonymous, CA
Thanda capsules have lived up to their promise and I am enjoying myself again. I am going out of my way to make ‘us’ time alone with my husband …instead of avoiding him with excuses as I used to. This is everything that I expected …just like everything is working again! - Gail, Boksburg
This product works! ...My body became more responsive…You should definitely try it …Taking this product has been wonderful for our marriage! - Elizabeth, WI, USA
“Yes, Thanda Passion Booster works!!! I’m at work and sometimes I need to go home to my husband on break throughout the week. No side effects and I’m pregnant!!! Thank you Native Remedies for giving me my groove back!!!” - Momma D, WA, USA
“This product really works and works quickly - within 20 minutes. You can be far from being in the "mood" and within minutes a switch is flipped and you are mentally and physically ready to go! A big help for marriage after children!” - Kate, NJ, USA