Kidney Dr. Testimonials

Natural herbal remedy to help promote renal health and maintain healthy functioning kidneys.

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After having suffered from continuous kidney [issues]…, undergoing a bunch of useless and expensive… tests and finding no cure, I resorted to Kidney Dr. In about a year, kidney [issues] completely stopped and is now under control. Great product! - Alex, TX, USA
On your consultant’s (and my doctors) advice I have been using your UTI-Clear and Kidney Dr. remedies. Thank You! - June, CA
I started using your Kidney Dr. remedy because I was very keen to do anything I could to look after my kidneys. I have been using your Kidney Dr. for a few weeks now and I must say it is wonderful- I already feel healthier. So many thanks for a great product! - R.M., UK
Several months ago I donated one of my kidneys to my son. Although I would do it again in the blink of an eye, I felt pretty awful afterwards- apart from the pain of surgery of course. I wanted to help support my remaining kidney. I came across your Kidney Dr. and ordered it immediately. I am so pleased I did because it has helped me tremendously. - Don, USA
After a routine physical, my doctor that found my kidneys were not functioning as they should. After a month of taking Kidney Dr. [I saw improvement]. Thanks very much for a great product. - Douglas T., USA
“My daughter, Heidi Swift, forwarded a copy of your excellent newsletter to me today.  I read it and especially enjoyed the article on chamomile.  I have just recently become a customer with my first purchase being Kidney Dr.  I have been diagnosed with kidney failure, and my body cannot tolerate the medications prescribed by doctors.  We found your site, thank goodness, and your product has been a tremendous help.  Because I have high blood pressure too and am a diabetic, I have been searching for another way to bring the BP under control. I have some green tea which when used helps bring the numbers down.  My brother died Sunday, and I have been under a great deal of stress because of that.  Numbers are rising.  So I got out the green tea and found a chamomile tea to mix with it to make it more palatable.  I noted a calming effect, but did not realize the source was the chamomile.  My BP numbers did come down some, and after two days, the numbers were dramatic.  Then I got sidetracked with all the rush to get ready for the emergency trip to Idaho and forgot about the tea.  The numbers began climbing again. I read your article, and immediately went into the kitchen and prepared me a cup of my tea mixture.  …I will be ordering more of your products, specifically two for blood pressure and one for blood sugar.  If they work as wonderfully as the Kidney Dr., I will be delighted.  I have already started to spread the word about your website and marvelous products.” - Penelope E., USA