Fertile XX Testimonials

Herbal fertility remedy to help support natural ovulation cycles and promote a healthy conception.

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“My husband and I tried getting pregnant when we first got married and didn’t have any luck before he deployed to Iraq. So, after he deployed, I found out about Fertile XX. I was very nervous since it’s just a product online, but now I recommend it to everyone!!! When he got home a few months after I started taking it, we got pregnant the first try!!! And I love that it…[supported] my periods perfectly!! If you are thinking about trying this product…DO IT!!” —Erica, KS, USA
“It worked! It helped me regulate period on the first month taking it and after 3 months I got pregnant! And we've been trying for almost 2 years… I am praising GOD for this miracle and leading me to this website after 3 failed attempts… I highly recommend this product. I never experienced any bad side effect.” — Kate, OH, USA
“My husband and I have been trying to get pregnant for almost four years now. He has been there to help me raise my six-year-old since he was three. Although it doesn't seem to bother him, I know he wants a baby of his own to raise. So, after months of saying we're going to go to the doctor (with no insurance), I did a little more research and came across so many wonderful reviews for this product. [I] made my order today. [It] will be shipped tomorrow. Can't wait to give you guys my special update. ;)” —Shanetta F., GA, USA
“I actually want to say THANK YOU… you guys are amazing and so professional. I order the Fertile XX and [Fertile] XY for my clients… I’m so impressed by how efficient you are. I know I can count on “on time delivery” and pleasing my client in time as well… So I have two very happy clients… It’s only a pleasure ordering from you. And I hope to soon put in more bulk…” — Marcelle M.
“ Hi, this product is brilliant; we tried to get pregnant for a year… I have a gorgeous baby boy now. We now are trying again, I couldn’t wait to order our next batch.” — Sam S., London
“...I am now buying more Fertile XX to work on giving my 11- month-old son a sibling! I was in shock with my first pregnancy, because doctors explained to me that getting pregnant would not be so easy... and that drugs would be necessary to ovulate. Thank goodness I didn't need to go that route. My first baby was born healthy and perfect!! Thanks Native Remedies!" — Jodie, Canada
…A friend of ours asked our views on herbal medicine - we really didn't have any, so she advised us to get some information on them. I found Native Remedies on the Internet and found them very informative. I even emailed questions which were replied to promptly, so we both felt able to trust Native Remedies. So we ordered Fertile XX and Fertile XY and they were delivered well within the time slot and we started taking them... So now we started trying for a baby... I'll hopefully be able to tell you very soon that I'm pregnant. Thank you so much. God Bless Fertile XX. — Diane, England
...I decided on my own to try a natural remedy. I saw the Fertile XX product and decided to try it ...This stuff is serious. It was the testimonials that convinced me, so hopefully this testimonial will help convince someone else that this is the product for them. I highly recommend it. — Melissa, RI, USA
… I stumbled across your web site and read the testimonials for the Fertile XX and Fertile XY and decided to give it a try... This stuff works and I highly recommend it. Give this product a try. I guarantee you won't regret it. Thank You, Native Remedies! — Nicole G., NY, USA
... I came across your web site. Fertile XX is a God—send... Thanks for the wonderful product, you guys... A+++. —Anonymous, GA, USA
… I found this product on the internet … This product is magic! I would highly recommend it. - Anonymous
My husband and I bought Fertile XX and Fertile XY after trying for 4 months and reading all the reviews …Give the product a try, pray a lot and start acting like ‘oh you don’t really care if it happens or not’. Basically, try hard not to stress or dwell on it (I stressed and cried and got scared that there might be something wrong with either of us). When my attitude changed + using the product my body responded. We thank God and thank you for this product. Lots of prayers and babydust to you all. — Jen, NY, USA
To the wonderful world of Native Remedies, My name is Lucie J. I live in London in the United Kingdom; I only found out about your products 8 weeks ago or so. I’ve been desperately searching for something to regulate my period after coming off the pill after 7 years, and my husband and I were keen to start a family, as we got married in May. I ordered only 1 bottle of your Fertile XX, and took it religiously for a month… I know it’s early days, but I know I’ve got your magic potion to thank! ...Thank you so so much, your products do exactly what they say, absolutely amazing. I will be spreading the word around the UK! Please fell free to put my story on your website! Many thanks. — Lucie J., UK
“I just wanted to say thank you. I was taking Fertile XX for a month and I am now pregnant with twins. If it was not for this product I wouldn't be having my babies, so thank you.” — Gina, FL, USA
Fertile XX really works. I took it for only two months and it was daily like it was advised, and now my husband and I are expecting our baby in the summer. This stuff really works.” — Nadia, SC, USA
“My husband and I tried to get pregnant for a year with no luck. Then I saw the Fertile XX and the Fertile XY and thought I would give it a try. I GOT PREGNANT FAST!! OMG! We were on it for only a few weeks before I got pregnant. Your product really works!” — Justine, WA, USA
“In 2005 we were told that due to irregular cycles and little to no ovulation our chance of conceiving another child was slim to none. We went through ovulation charting … through July 2007. … I had ordered Fertile XX after having read about it for several months and truly as a last hope. I began taking it in October 2007. We became pregnant in November 2007 — right at 30 days into the Fertile XX drops. Emma Katherine Elizabeth was born August 8, 2008 — healthy and happy. She is three months old now and we have never been more blessed. Thank you Native Remedies and all past testimonials that encouraged our using Fertile XX.” — Madonna, KY, USA
“It worked – I am 39 and now pregnant after 16 years and I took [Fertile XX] for only one month” — Stacy, TX, USA
“My husband and I having been trying to get pregnant for close to ten years and I came across your website by accident and decided to give Fertile XX a try. We tried everything and after two months, a good diet, exercise and with God’s help we now have our baby girl!” — Doris
“I started out on 03/09/09 and I took Fertile XX faithfully as instructed 3 times a day with a little water or juice. As I was taking this I began to feel the changes that my body was going through I stopped taking this on 03/30/09 and on April 7th I found out I was pregnant. This product is wonderful, me and my fiancé have been trying to conceive for 4 years now… I find it such a blessing, thank you Native Remedies for making this wonderful product, this stuff really works Thanks again” — Ishshah S., UT, USA
“My husband and I have been trying to conceive for over three years. In August ’08, our three year mark arrived and instead of collapsing in heartache and broken dreams, anger and bitterness as I did the previous years - I sat with tears in my eyes trying to find the …site that I had come across a few weeks earlier! I was so frustrated yet this time so determined to do something about it and hopefully get it right! My husband was more relaxed then I was and had been saying for years now; "If God intended for us to have children we will", this only frustrated me more as I could not have been praying harder. …I was now going to do something about my heartache. I …purchased the Fertile XX and Fertile XY along with the Ikawe for Men and Thanda and also the Liver [Dr.] on budget... After the package arrived my husband was unimpressed and did not want to take the drops. After a row about it, I let him be and took my drops. I printed out pages of the effects of chemicals and smoking and the benefits of healthy lifestyle changes on sperm and egg production, left them on the entrance and dining table and other places where I knew he would take a peek. After a few weeks I could feel twinges and we noticed positive changes happening to my body. About a month after my husband had refused to take the drops, my doctor required that he do a sperm analysis which he did, knowing that with his work, being a diesel mechanic and a smoker he was surrounded by dangerous toxins all the time, his results came back - 100% abnormal sperm … but everything else was good. Without me saying anything he started taking his drops (as well as the Liver Dr.) every morning and afternoon when he got home from work he was so good about it he would bring me my drops in bed in the morning if I had forgotten! Within two months of taking the drops we fell pregnant - I found out 5 weeks later - we were so happy and surprised! I asked him what does he think made the difference, but I didn't want to rub it in so I quickly added "what a difference a balanced meal makes!" - his answer was, "the drops!" …If you are having a hard time, please try this out. I am not being paid in any way for this, in fact I was not even asked or prompted to do so by anyone. I am doing this because these testimonials stuck in my mind the weeks before I ordered our [Fertile XX]… and I hope with all my heart that you too will give them a try.” — Nicole, Namaqualand, South Africa
“ Ladies, if you’re on the fence about this product, don't be. This product is amazing…. My husband and I…are trying again with Fertile XX and Fertile XY. I also ordered Bringforth Life [Flower] Essence to take along with Fertile XX….

“My husband has noticed a huge difference by taking Fertile XY. We are grateful for this loving, compassionate, caring company. I have used plenty of Native Remedies products and have nothing but good [things] to say about them. I am looking forward to using the products for pregnancy soon….” — Yolanda W., USA
“Boy was I glad to see this product online. I was raised on herbs and I faithfully believe in their worth. I just know that I will fall pregnant with your products… What I am sure of is that if this doesn't work for us to use the Fertile XX and Fertile XY, then it is not meant for us to have a baby together. If my body wont get pregnant after this, I will give up because I know what herbs can do and I trust your product. I cannot wait to get it in the mail. I will keep you posted on our progress...” — K.L., NY, USA