SciatiGon Testimonials

Herbal remedy for natural support of spine health to help soothe the sciatic nerve and back muscles.

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“After one month on SciatiGon and InflammaGo, the…pain has subsided dramatically….” — JJ, TX, USA
“I do want to say thank you! I have been taking SciatiGon. It works great… I haven't been taking it regularly like I should, I take it once a day now being busy with work. I can't thank you enough for such a great product. I shall return again for other products that you offer. THANKS AGAIN!!!!!” — Mike P., WI, USA
“After several days of terrible pain, I ordered SciatiGon…and, after the second dose, I felt much better. Today, I placed another order. I cannot thank you enough for such a great product. Thanks with all my heart.” — Silvia I., FL, USA
“I was experiencing continuous…pain…. I began taking SciatiGon, and I started noticing…my…pain was diminishing… You won't hear me complain, and I feel great.” — Elizabeth D., Canada
“Hello everyone. I'm Larand a Chippendales dancer in Las Vegas. I hope this testimonial gives you reassurance to try this wonderful product. I wasn't quite sure what to expect as I haven't found anything to help me with the unbearable pain I was experiencing with a [nerve issue]. I was going to the chiropractor, but it only provided temporary relieve, and the visits were painful. I reluctantly tried over the counter & [prescriptions] a few times… but didn't last long. It was really a painful experience. I couldn't sleep at all. When I did sleep it was in spurts… I had this …for well over a month, then I discovered this site while looking for alternative treatments. I decided to give it a try after reading the testimonials & the 1–yr guarantee. To my surprise it was very effective… I followed the instructions taking 15 drops 3x a day. I'm getting low, so I will be reordering! I think I'll try ordering the [Triple Complex] Nerve [Tonic] & SciatiGon and combine the use. I'm grateful for a natural alternative …I will be trying their other products! I wish you all well on your path to healing!” — Larand, NV, USA
I can't thank you enough for this fantastic product…. I was very skeptical at first and couldn't believe a natural product would work as well as this has. It’s a miracle. - Alana J., Australia
…I started looking on the internet …and found your SciatiGon remedy. I ordered it immediately and started taking it the minute it arrived. Within 3 days I was feeling better …Thank you for a life-saving remedy… I have no idea what I would have done if I hadn’t found SciatiGon! - Bronwyn
…I’ve used Native Remedies products before with good results and was pleased to find (your remedy)… My husband took SciatiGon regularly …Once again, Native Remedies has been the answer... thank you! - Marina
I have suffered ...without results. I purchased SciatiGon and received relief the first day. Within 3 days the symptoms completely subsided with consistent use of the product. Thank you for giving me my life back! - Myra, AL
Hi, I hope that you are well. As for me, I am doing much better. Firstly, I would like to thank you for your prompt service and delivery; I am amazed that quality and service still exists… The way you performed your duties was of excellent experience and I am a very satisfied customer who will in the future recommend people to conduct business with you and your company-- well done for your efforts and support. Secondly, a short note to say how impressed and grateful I am to have used SciatiGon. I have been suffering for a very long time with excruciating pains; I have tried a lot of different medication and visited a lot of doctors wasting a lot of time and money and in the end nothing helped …I could not wait to open this parcel as I was desperate to end this pain and suffering… During the course of the day the pain was subsiding slowly and by 8:00pm that same evening I was 70% feeling much better and relieved. This was like a miracle I thanked my HEAVENLY FATHER in sending me in your direction, I feel like a new person again; this has made me positive and I can now resume to perform my duties as before. I will continue to take SciatiGon… I have trust and faith in you so you can expect more orders from me in the future. Many thanks and best regards. - Mark K.
“When I ordered SciatiGon, I had many reservations because nothing I've taken has helped so far. I've tried herbal formulas [and] other homeopathic remedies… I've seen many chiropractors, an osteopath and an herbalist… I've had massages and tried [different exercises] but every protocol was irritating… I always look to find the most simple of protocols before I ever consider the most invasive. I know homeopathy works, but it requires the right formula to match the issue. I never found anything that worked before. I've tried meditation, colon cleanses [and] a change in diet… Yesterday I received my SciatiGon order. I ordered 3 bottles because I honestly thought it would take me weeks if not months to see any kind of results. I guess I was so sure this wouldn't work, I just expected to be very patient. This is how I've experienced everything else... waiting and waiting and still getting poor results. This is the absolute truth... but after one dose of SciatiGon, just 5 drops in water I felt a difference... I also took the Nerve Tonic along with it... I could sense the formulas were getting right to the source of my problem. This morning, I took both formulas again... I am much improved. A slight sense of irritation, but nothing like what I was experiencing yesterday before my order arrived. I honestly think I've found my solution and I’m sincerely grateful to Native Remedies for making outstanding products that truly work! THESE ARE AMAZING RESULTS!” - Chloe, NY, USA
“I do want to say thank you!  I have been taking SciatiGon. It works great, [even though] I haven't been taking it regularly like I should, I take it once a day now being busy with work.  I can't thank you enough for such a great product. I shall return again for other products that you offer.   THANKS AGAIN!!!!!” - Mike Parrish, WI, USA
“…I turned to Native Remedies and found SciatiGon. I took the first loading doses on a Thursday, and the next morning, the left leg [was completely soothed]. Over the weekend …and by Monday I was able to walk around without [the suffering I’d been having] for three months. I actually dared to hope I could return to work. It was nothing short of a miracle, and I highly recommend SciatiGon to anyone suffering from … irritation of the sciatic nerve. Thank you Native Remedies for making it possible for me to function again.” - Sue C., ME, USA
“I suffered a back injury in February, and was diagnosed… After visiting the Dr., I received a prescription, but after reading the side effects, decided not to take it. I was in extreme pain when I sat down or lied down. My husband found SciatiGon on the internet, and I ordered it. After taking SciatiGon for 2 days, the pain sometimes disappeared completely, and at other times was mild compared to what I had been experiencing. After a few weeks, I decided that my back was getting better and the SciatiGon probably had nothing to do with it. I stopped taking it, and the horrible pain returned in 2 days. I immediately started taking it again, and that very day, the pain was bearable and completely gone at times the next day. I just ordered my second bottle. I will not stop taking it anymore. I was skeptical, but not anymore.” - Peggy, OH USA