Natural Moves Testimonials

Herbal remedy to naturally help support regularity and maintain healthy regular bowel movements.

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“I have suffered from severe [bowel issues and] constipation for the last 7 years with no relief from meds. I have spent countless hours in the bathroom doubled over... I had gotten to the point where I could not leave my house for days, even weeks at a time, never knowing when or where I would have a flare up. I have had many a ruined trip and vacation much to my family’s dismay, and stopped traveling altogether. I am only 52 years old and felt like I would never get my life back to normal... I found your site looking for products for a very sick dog, which worked quite well, and found the Natural Moves I read about it and decided to try it... it has been about 3 weeks now and I am actually starting to get my life back; I went to the mall today (hooray); I am regular every day... I am so thankful for this product I can’t begin to tell you... I would recommend this to anyone with bowel problems... Thank you Native Remedies, I will be a lifetime customer.” — Maggie, AL, USA
“I have been battling chronic constipation for most of my adult life, and have taken every remedy known to man from prescription drugs… to every other over–the–counter remedy you can think of. I would easily go 2 weeks having not had a bowel movement and then eventually resort to suppositories to give me some relief. I suffered daily with terrible cramps, endless hours on the toilet with nothing to show for it but a bloated stomach and more pain… I could go on but only those who have suffered this condition could possibly know what a miserable existence it is. I am only 38 years old and could not imagine having to live the rest of my life like this. Of course everyone had an opinion on how to cure me and I was given special diets which I followed to the letter, drank liters of water, had a [procedure] which was great fun!! Only to be told I have a very sensitive bowel and to watch my diet. Well if I cut out any more food I would starve to death. I am 1.6m and weigh 52kg so weight loss is not high on my agenda. In fact I became terrified to eat, each time wondering if it would send my bowel into a spasm and have me doubled over in pain. I made sure I always had [pain reliever] with me wherever I went and honestly I don't know how my husband has put up with me these last couple of years. Well to cut a long story short, on one of my most miserable days I decided to once again surf the net, hoping for a miracle and came across your web site, my husband told me I was wasting my money… but I decided to order your product anyway. I chose the “Natural Moves” and “Gastronic Dr.” and began the treatment about 3 weeks ago …I cannot thank you enough, I cannot praise this product enough… I have been having a regular and effortless bowel movement every single day since the very first day I started the program… No more pain, no more flatulence, I HAVE A LIFE!!! Each evening I take 1 Gastronic Dr. capsule and 2 Natural Moves it is as simple as that… No more heartbreaking, painful hours on the toilet. And to make things even better I don't have to spend a fortune, your products are so reasonably priced it is almost too good to be true. I could carry on all day with this I am so ecstatic, I feel like I have won the lotto and saying thank you seems so inadequate… I have finally found a product that works and a company who actually walks the talk… My husband says I am a changed person and he is right. So in closing let me just say that I wish your company every success for the future… Continue the good work, you have a fan and a loyal customer who will be placing her next order very soon.” — Hayley
“I have [bowel issues] and have been suffering… for over 13 years. I have tried every [medicine] available with no relief. I tried Natural Moves and it works like magic! I… actually have my life back. I was so bad that I could not work and now I am back to work and loving life again. Thank you so much Natural Moves!” — Brenda W., NJ, USA
...Never a day goes by when I do not struggle to have a normal bowel movement! Natural Moves has helped to make me more regular and so I feel much more relaxed. I have tried many products, ranging from herbal to drugs, but this one works by far the best. - Alley Cat, IL, USA
If you try any product, try this one! I don't have a problem every day, but because I don't get much exercise and my diet is not always the very best, I do sometimes have a problem. Natural Moves really helps! - Hannah G.
No matter how healthy I eat, I still have problems. This product has been a lifesaver for me! - N.C.
Natural Moves seems to live up to its claims - it works! - Phil, NJ, USA
I found Natural Moves one day after plowing on the internet (again!). I ordered it without much hope and can I say that it's truly the most wonderful product. It really worked and it worked well! It is a great feeling to find something that works, and I've even told my naturopath about it... Thank you for a great product - Loretta M., Australia
I found your product about a year ago. I …take a lot of medications that are unkind to my system. Your product is the greatest, I have since tried a couple of other products that people have claimed are the same (with aloe in them) but they just do not work....Natural Moves is the only product I would recommend to anyone, it is justFantastic-- no cramps, no pain, just like the name says, “Natural Moves”-- thanks so much!! - Vicki K., Ontario, Canada
Our son suffered a severe brain injury and has been in the hospital since Oct-06. His bowel movements have been assisted with stool softeners and laxatives that the hospital was providing on a daily basis. Finally, while my husband was searching the internet for something more natural, he came across Natural Moves. As soon as we started giving it to our son, his bowel movements have been regular. Since he has regular bowelmovements now, he has less spasticity. The doctor is amazed and is thinkingof using this product to some of the patients. - Anna, Toronto Ontario, Ca
I can't say enough about this product. I have been suffering … for over 10 years and this product gave me my life back… I have [my daughter] on every product related to [learning and concentration] that Native Remedies has and I love all of them. I have taken her off ALL prescription medications and just use Native Remedies! So when I saw Natural Moves listed for constipation, I had to try it, as I have had success with every other product for my daughter. Well, let me say that I LOVE this product. I now have “natural moves” every day and am feeling terrific! I haven't felt this good since I was younger! Thank you sooo much for giving me my life back! - Brenda W., NJ, USA