Sweat-Less Testimonials

Remedy to help stop excessive sweating or perspiration of the underarms, palms, feet, face or head.

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‘....I would literally soak my shirt! Sweat-Less worked when I really needed it. I tried it (2 months today) just before a major client lunch. What a life saver! Thank you, sincerely - Dean
I am a pageant queen and can’t afford to get sweaty on stage under the lights… I get a bit nervous during certain parts of the show, but Sweat-Less is my secret weapon!…. - Olivia, Houston
“I have struggled with embarrassing sweating for years .... even using a fan on my desk in the middle of winter! Now finally, a natural product that I can believe in!”

- Louise

“People used to ask me if I wanted the aircon turned up higher – but even that didn’t help! The more flustered I felt from the sweating, the worse it got!!! I used to have to run to the bathroom to get tissue… Sweat-Less has really made a difference to my life…” - Doreen S, San Diego