Tic Tamer Testimonials

Natural tics remedy to help stop repetitive, involuntary body movements or muscle jerking.

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This has been a life saver for my family!! My son has had tics since he was three. He is now eleven. Tic Tamer worked instantly!! His tics were always noticeable, and kids always pointed them out. He was always…labeled as different…. Since we started your product, he has now been off  for two months now, and his tics are almost nonexistent!! We thank you so much and are so very pleased with your product and recommend it to others! - Sonya, USA
I am a 51-year-old man. I have had tics since I was about 8 or 9 years old. I have a head-jerking tic, and it comes on strong under stress and [when I’m] overtired. I have been on Tic Tamer for about 4 days and can feel the difference already. I’m so excited and relieved that I found something that works and has no side effects. Thank you. I will be purchasing this product for the rest of my life. - Mark H., IL, USA
I purchased Tic Tamer for my 8-year-old grandson…. [His] tics had increased in variety and intensity over the past 6 months. When I saw him a few days after beginning Tic Tamer, I noticed a huge decrease in the tics! I bought another bottle so my daughter wouldn’t run out. Thank you, Native Remedies. I can highly recommend Tic Tamer. - Trish B., USA
My son Nick had tic's…he had eye blinking mouth moving and nose squinting ..... after we gave Nick the Tic Tamer it was the best thing we did . We started noticing the difference in 2-3 weeks ... slowly they were gone. I was not sure to buy this but I tell myself why didn’t I buy it sooner I’m very happy with the results, it was the best thing to do. - Cloe, Canada
I just wanted to say, we started our son on Tic Tamer and BrightSpark about three or four weeks ago. I cannot believe the difference!! His tics, which would strike at night and make him and us miserable, are virtually GONE!!! His teacher says he seems more calm and focused in school, and we are definitely happier at home. Thank you so much for making such great products! - Beth W.
Thank you, thank you, thank you... My daughter’s shoulder was starting to hurt because of tics, and being that she just started high school [and] she could not control her jerking, she was starting to become embarrassed. One week later after giving Tic Tamer, it slowly tamed the tic away... no more pain in the shoulder, or jerking in class... best of all no side effects... I thank God for you guys... many thanks you to you, from a used to be concerned dad... :) - Jorge R., CA, USA
My son has… a disorder and I ordered Tic Tamer for him a month ago. About 15 minutes after he takes it I have noticed that the head rolling stops. I ordered another bottle to see if we can get more… controlled. I know that herbal has to build in your system. Fingers crossed… great product to try!! - Crystal, WV, USA
Tic Tamer has helped me enormously; I really don’t know what I would do without it…. - James
My tics were so embarrassing. I would avoid social gatherings at work because I felt ashamed – then my psychologist said I should try this site and look for a natural remedy. I have been taking Tic Tamer with nerve tonic, and I can feel the improvement. Thank you so much for my confidence!. - Mallory
“The only thing I can say about Tic Tamer is: TRY IT…You won’t be sorry, I am thrilled...”

- Kenneth, Santa Cruz

“Some days I get fidgety more than other days – Tic Tamer has helped to control my movements better. Thanks.” - Hedley
“My 14 year old son has been taking BrightSpark and Focus Formula for his problem, but he has still had some [problems] he was dealing with. I ordered Tic Tamer and he is so happy... He can finally feel normal...Thank you Native Remedies for another great product we will never live without…” - Gina G., GA, USA