Vagi-Soothe Testimonials

Remedy for natural relief of yeast infections to relieve itching or burning vaginal irritations.

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Vagi-Soothe has been the only thing to bring me relief! I was suffering with awful itching, bad odor and discharge in that ‘area we never mention’…. Even my husband was avoiding me! Thank you again for a great product – that’s not even messy to use… -Heather, Texas
Finally! A product to stop the awful itching I’ve had. I would have this problem a couple of times a year. I was frantic to find something. The itching was making me avoid public places, the urge to scratch was horrible! Then I tried Vagi-Soothe and Candidate, it worked. - Hester, Alabama
“‘…I went to my doctor because I had burning – I was worried I had caught something awful, but he said it was common. Now I have used Vagi-Soothe and no more trouble down there…”

- Taryn L.

“I was experiencing a foul smelling discharge, I had it checked out and my doctor said I could use natural remedies. I went online [and] I found Vagi-Soothe and tried it. Amazing. ” - Nicky, Arkansas