Help to calm irritability in petulant and choleric personality types who are easily annoyed.

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What is Irritability?

Irritability is defined as an extreme response to various stimuli. It may also be referred to as moodiness or crankiness. Irritability brings about unpleasant feelings that are often difficult to avoid or control. People who experience bouts of irritability are often angry, stressed, anxious or impatient. It affects both adults and children, but tends to be more common amongst infants and children.

What Causes Irritability?

Irritability may be caused by a wide range of factors such as colic in infants, headaches, sleep deprivation, withdrawal of alcohol and drug addiction, colds, flu, ear infection, premenstrual syndrome as well muscle and joint injuries. Severe medical conditions such as viral infections, bipolar disorder, diabetes, head trauma, congenital infections, and cancer may also contribute to irritability in certain personality types.

Irritability may also be caused by deeper psychological, emotional issues. In addition, modern day living – our hectic lifestyles, demanding jobs, social, family and financial responsibility also often contributes to a choleric personality.

Consult your doctor if you constantly feel irritable, annoyed, edgy and over sensitive as it may be a sign of an underlying medical condition. It is also a good idea that you acknowledge your petulant behavior and attitude, and address the cause of it. Remember, that you are not only making yourself miserable but also those around you!

More Information on Irritability

Nature's cures to deal with your irritability:
  • Eat plenty of foods that increase the levels of serotonin in the brain such as fresh fruit and vegetables
  • Drink at least eight glasses of fresh water per day to avoid dehydration and cleanse the body
  • Exercise regularly to improve your mood and lift your spirits
  • Boost your immune system with immune building supplements
  • Get enough sleep every night – at least 7 hours is recommended
  • Reduce irritability by practicing deep breathing exercises, meditating, visualization and imagery techniques or doing yoga
  • Maintain a positive attitude no matter how hard it is – engage in positive in self-talk, make the best out of a situation and do not give up!!
  • Have regular massages, listen to music or go dancing to lift your mood
  • Laugh more, especially at yourself or watch humorous movies or stand-up comedy – but, anything that will put a smile on your face again
  • Choose to interact with family and friends that you love, enjoy and bring out the best in you. Avoid spending time with negative people who drain your energy levels and cause you to feel depressed, angry or worthless
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