Dry Hands

Information on the causes and symptoms of dry cracked hands.

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What is Dry Hands?

We use our hands through-out each waking moment and subject them to a number of harsh chemicals, activities, and the fluctuating humidity of seasonal changes and office air conditioning. While most of these things are unavoidable hazards of daily living, we often forget to give our hands the extra care and attention they need and before long they can become dry, chapped and sore.

Diagnosing Dry Hands

The most common cause of dry hands is simple: over washing and under moisturizing, although other common causes include:

  • The use of cleaning chemicals often used in daily chores.
  • Washing your hands with ordinary soap, especially if done throughout the day without moisturizing.
  • Preparing and working with foods such as oranges, onions and garlic can leave hands feeling dry because of their PH levels.
  • Eczema
  • Very cold, hot or dry weather.
  • Rough work that’s hard on the hands

Help for Dry Hands

Tips for treating dry hands:

  • While washing your hands throughout the day is great for hygiene purposes, it’s not always good for dry hands. Be choosey about the soap you use and try find a moisturizing soap bar that contains emollients.
  • Use a good hand cream and apply it three times a day or after washing your hands. Try to find a cream that includes ingredients such as shea butter and petrolatum as these help to lock in the skin’s natural moisture.
  • Wear protective gloves if doing rough physical work or if using cleaning detergents and other chemically substances.
  • Nourish your dry skin by drinking plenty of water. Moisturizing creams and lotions only go so far as the skin needs to be continually re-hydrated from the inside out.
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