Sexual Performance (Female)

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What is Female Sexual Performance?

When we think of the term sexual performance, we may think of this concept with regards to male sexual performance. However, there are a vast number of female counterparts out there who hold their sexual performance to a high standard.

There are many facets to a woman’s sexuality. A woman’s ability to match a male partner in the bedroom is often high on the list. Sexual arousal, stamina, sex drive and sexual pleasure all rank highly for women in the sexual health arena.

Help for Better Female Sexual Performance

  • The key for better sex first starts in the mind. Help your body to relax and de-stress so that you are more tuned to intimacy and sexual advances.

    Activities such as yoga or meditation can help to remove any mental obstructions that are hampering sexual performance. Combating stress can be the first step to re-igniting your sexual spark!
  • Because women are sensitive to the environment, taking the time to set the mood can really help to create the right atmosphere for sexual desire.

    Play romantic or relaxing music at home, light some candles, turn off your cell phones, and eliminate distractions to create an environment of intimacy.
  • A great technique for setting the mood is massage. You don't have to be an expert - as even a slight rub down works wonders to stimulate blood circulation in all the right areas! Natural libido enhancers may also do the trick!
  • Remember that increasing the female sex drive and female sexual performance involves nurturing more than just the physical factors – take into account the psychological and environmental factors too.


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