Backache Ease™ for relief of backache pain and stiffness

Homeopathic remedy for temporary relief of backache pain, stiffness, cramps, and spasms


Safe for Adults & Children 12+ | Gluten Free | Lactose Free | Vegan | Vegetarian

What is Backache Ease?

Backache Ease is a safe, non-addictive, natural remedy containing 100 percent homeopathic ingredients selected to temporarily relieve backache pain and stiffness. It works quickly to reduce the aching, cramping and spasms associated with common backaches. This back pain remedy contains a selection of homeopathic ingredients known to ease muscle and joint pains in the back.

Backache Ease is:

  • Natural
  • Gentle on the Stomach, Liver and Kidneys
  • Safe and side-effect free
  • Non-drowsy
  • Non-habit forming
  • Contains no aspirin or NSAIDs
  • Has no known drug interactions

Backache Ease is also a great complementary homeopathic remedy to CBFreeze Pain Relief Roll-on. Presented in a convenient, easy to take tablet, Backache Ease is meant to be taken internally. It is easy to ingest by chewing or dissolving these pleasant tasting tablets in the mouth. It is carefully formulated with no artificial colors or preservatives.

All Native Remedies homeopathic products and biochemic tissue salts are manufactured in our FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant pharmaceutical facility under the supervision of qualified homeopaths and responsible pharmacists. Individual ingredients are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).

The natural way

Back pain is one of the most common self-reported ailments. At some point in time nearly 80% of Americans will report pain, usually in the lower back. While sudden or severe pain should always be checked by a doctor or physical therapist, there are natural ways to relieve some pain and discomfort on your own.

Staying active is important. A sedentary lifestyle allows the muscles around the spine to become weak leading to less support for the spine. Strong abdominal and core muscles will help support your back, while stretching and flexibility may help relieve pain and prevent it from recurring.

Excessive sitting contributes to fatigue and stresses on your hip joints and spine. When you sit for a long period of time, the pressure on your spinal discs increases. Getting up every 60 minutes and taking a short walk can help take the pressure off your spine.

Poor posture can aggravate existing back problems or even lead to back pain. Proper posture through your neck, shoulders and back can prevent stresses on your spine.

Yoga is a gentle and effective way to stretch your back and improve the flexibility of the spine. Start slowly and only advance if you feel comfortable and without pain. Yoga in the morning can help loosen your spine and reduce stiffness and aches in your back.

Maintain a healthy weight. Reducing the excess pounds helps lighten the load on your back. Work with your doctor or nutritionist to find a diet and exercise plan that works for you.

Alternative treatments such as acupuncture, massage, and biofeedback therapy can also make a difference when treating back pain.

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What are the ingredients?

Backache Ease is 100% homeopathic, contains these HPUS ingredients, and has the following indications (purposes): Arnica montana 12C, Bryonia alba 12C, Cimicifuga racemosa 12C, Hypericum perforatum 12C, Ignatia amara 12C, Kali carbonicum 12C, Nux vomica 12C, Rhus toxicodendron 12C, Ruta graveolens 12C

Arnica montana 12C: trauma, muscle pain & stiffness, swelling from injuries, discoloration from bruising.
Bryonia alba 12C: back pain that becomes more severe with stooping and standing. Bryonia is the best remedy for back pain that gets worse with motion.
Cimicifuga racemosa 12C: Severe aching and stiffness in the upper back and neck, as well as the lower back—with pains that extend down the thighs or across the hips.
Hypericum perforatum 12C: for coccyx pain (coccydynia).
Ignatia amara 12C: muscles of the lower back may spasm, and twitch, drawing pains, and cramps often occur in other areas.
Kali carbonicum 12C: lower back pain.
Nux vomica 12C: muscle cramps or constricting pains in the back.
Rhus toxicodendron 12C: pain of the lower back, shoulders, and neck. Pain that is worsened by damp and cold weather and movement.
Ruta graveolens 12C: stiffness in joint or muscles, accompanied with feeling of soreness and lameness all over the back.

Inactive Ingredients: Magnesium Stearate, Maltodextrin, and Sucrose.

How do I use Backache Ease?

Adults & Children 12+: Chew or dissolve tablets in the mouth. Take 2 tablets every 15-20 minutes up to 4 doses, then every 4 hours until symptoms subside.

A homeopathic remedy can be taken 10 minutes after a meal, or 30 minutes after brushing the teeth (since many toothpastes have strong flavors such as mint).

Caution: If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health professional before use. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a health care professional. Keep this and all medicines from the reach of children. Avoid strong mint-flavored candy, as this may reduce the effectiveness of the remedy.

Get optimum results with regular use

People can differ widely in their response times to natural remedies depending on individual makeup, lifestyle, and diet. Some may experience a general feeling of wellness within days, while for others it may take longer before an effect is felt.

Often, as in the case of all good tonics, a gradual improvement is felt over time. Best results are achieved when it is used consistently along with a healthy lifestyle.

How long will a bottle last?

One bottle of Backache Ease contains 180 tablets and will last approximately 15-30 days. Exactly how long a bottle lasts will depend on the frequency of use.

*Usage claims for this product are based on Homeopathic Materia Medica, a system of medicine practiced around the world for over 200 years. There are no current federally recognized clinical or scientific studies in regards to the efficacy of this product or homeopathy in general. The practice of homeopathic medicine is not accepted by all medical experts. These 'Uses' have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product has not been clinically tested by Silver Star Brands, Inc.
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