Triple Complex Brain Tonic™ for Mental Fatigue

Homeopathic medicine for mental fatigue, forgetfulness and problems concentrating and staying alert.


Gluten Free | Vegetarian

What is Triple Complex Brain Tonic™?

Triple Complex Brain Tonic™ is a safe, non-addictive, natural remedy for brain fog and mental fatigue containing 100 percent homeopathic ingredients. These ingredients have been specially selected to temporarily relieve symptoms of mental fatigue such as forgetfulness and difficulty concentrating and staying alert.

What are tissue salts?

Tissue salts, in essence, are the same minerals found occurring naturally in rocks and earth. They also exist naturally in the human body, leading to the understanding that when the body's minerals are lacking or out of balance, illness or disease can easily take root. Homeopathic tissue salt medicines work on the principle that health is the body's natural state and that the body can heal itself by addressing an underlying imbalance and restoring equilibrium1.

There are 12 distinct minerals - aka biochemic tissue salts - that can correct imbalances at the cellular level to successfully maintain wellness1.

When these vital tissue salts are present in the body's cells in the correct concentrations, the body is healthy. As soon as the tissue salt ratio is disturbed, brain fogginess ensues. When cells do not contain the correct amounts of any of these 12 minerals, they cannot effectively absorb the vitamins and nutrients from food or dietary supplements. This inability to glean valuable nutrients causes even more stress on the depleted cells, leading to illness, inflammation and disease1.

Replacing the minerals necessary to cell function with natural remedies for brain fog that contain tissue salts can restore health by delivering specially prepared doses of minerals to the cells, thereby regulating the assimilation and distribution of mineral salts in the tissues.1

Triple Complex Brain Tonic™ is a combination of three cell-supporting biochemic tissue salts and may be taken at the first signs of mental fatigue. It can provide effective relief from symptoms and is an excellent companion to herbal Focus Formula™, which promotes concentration and a healthy attention span to stay on task.

Triple Complex Brain Tonic™ is taken internally to support the efficiency of the brain and nervous system, promoting equilibrium at a cellular level. Available in liquid form, it is easy to ingest and hassle-free with no artificial colors or preservatives. Due to its unique homeopathic formula, Triple Complex Brain Tonic™ is also safe for all ages.

All Native Remedies® homeopathic products and biochemic tissue salts are manufactured in a FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant pharmaceutical facility under the supervision of qualified homeopaths and responsible pharmacists. Individual ingredients are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).

Mental Mastery & Exercising Your Brain

Your brain is responsible for simple and complex tasks such as opening your eyes in the morning and creating dreams while you sleep. In fact, no bodily function is possible without the health of the brain, which is the master center.

Brain efficiency may be negatively influenced by a variety of factors that can lead to a slowing down and deteriorating of mental functions, as well as a decline in efficient processing of information, tasks and emotions.

Thankfully, supporting the brain on a biological level can prove very successful for restoring health. Just like nutritional tonics are used to support your body in achieving the maximum benefit from a healthy exercise program, supporting the brain on a biological level helps make all the difference to mental and emotional health.

The Natural Way

Healthy eating provides the brain with the nutrition it needs to function at its best. In fact, many herbs and vitamins that promote mental focus can be obtained from dietary sources. Physical exercise and mental exercise improve blood flow to the brain for better brain function.

Many people are unaware that popular foods can be deficient in the vitamins and minerals that are essential for health.

Also, many people rely on fast food or processed meals, which can lead to a deficiency in the vital nutrients that are essential in maintaining healthy body systems. This shortage can result in poor health.

While many recognize this problem and supplement with daily vitamins, there are other nutritional building blocks that are overlooked yet are vital components for cellular health. These nutritional building blocks include minerals or tissue salts.

1. Henderson, Amy. "Tissue Salts." Health24. February 04, 2009. Accessed May 03, 2019.

What are the ingredients?

Triple Complex Brain Tonic™ is 100% homeopathic, contains these HPUS ingredients, and has the following indications (purposes): Calc phos 8X, Kali phos 6X, Nat mur 6X.

  • Calc phos 8X is a biochemic tissue salt that can aid in the moving and processing of information through the nervous system. It acts beneficially in building up blood corpuscles and is used for impaired memory, slow development, frequent physical fatigue and mental weariness.
  • Kali phos 6X (derived from potassium phosphate) is a biochemic tissue salt and a natural component of all fluids in the body. It is also a constituent of all tissues of the body, notably the brain and nerve cells, as well as a vital nutrient for functioning of the central nervous system. A deficiency causes brain fog, melancholia, irritability, fearfulness, timidity and lack of nerve power. Kali phos is good for sluggish conditions of the mind and exhausted mental states following continued exertion or great emotional strain.
  • Nat mur 6X is derived from sodium chloride. The function of this tissue salt is to promote proper fluid and information exchange in the body. It is a constituent of every liquid and solid part of the body. It regulates the degree of moisture within the cells. Other tissue salts cannot perform their proper function if the water balance is abnormal. Nat mur has a profound effect on nutritive processes and glandular activity. It's associated with sadness, tearfulness, drowsiness, fatigue and a weak memory.
  • Inactive ingredients: USP grain alcohol (20% by volume), purified water, sucrose.

How do I use Triple Complex Brain Tonic™?

Mix drops in 1/4 cup of water and sip slowly or drop directly into the mouth.

For all ages:

First dose: Take 0.25 mL or 0.50 mL every hour for up to 10 servings or until symptoms subside.

Daily use: Take 0.25 mL or 0.50 mL 3 times a day.

Triple Complex Brain Tonic™ is a homeopathic remedy and is safe for all ages. There are no known drug interactions.

For additional support, it is recommended that Triple Complex Brain Tonic™ be used concurrently with Focus Formula™ to support brain functions including concentration, information processing, and memory.

Caution: If pregnant or breastfeeding, ask a health professional before use. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a health care professional. Keep this and all medicines from the reach of children. Avoid strong mint-flavored candy, as this may reduce the effectiveness of the remedy.

How long until I see results?

People can differ widely in their response times to tissue salts. Response times depend on individual composition, lifestyle, and diet. Some may experience a general feeling of wellness within days. For others, it may take longer before an effect is felt.

Often, as in the case of all good tonics, a gradual improvement is noticed over time. Best results are achieved when Triple Complex Brain Tonic™ is used consistently along with a healthy lifestyle.

Get optimum results with regular use.

The natural ingredients in our remedies support overall health and functioning instead of just suppressing symptoms. People respond to natural remedies in different ways. Some of our satisfied customers experience immediate results. Many others have reported optimal benefits taking effect within 3-6 weeks. To ensure that you receive optimum results, it's important to take natural remedies as directed and remain consistent. You may also find that a smaller maintenance dose is beneficial for ongoing support. Many customers report taking a regular maintenance dose for continued health and well-being.

How long will a bottle last?

One 59 mL bottle of Triple Complex Brain Tonic™ will last approximately 39-40 days, depending upon the amount taken and the frequency of use.

*Usage claims for this product are based on Homeopathic Materia Medica, a system of medicine practiced around the world for over 200 years. There are no current federally recognized clinical or scientific studies in regards to the efficacy of this product or homeopathy in general. The practice of homeopathic medicine is not accepted by all medical experts. These 'Uses' have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product has not been clinically tested by Silver Star Brands, Inc.
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