The Dual Modality Approach

What is the Dual Modality Approach for Holistic Health?

Natural remedies work best together, which is why Native Remedies believes in the dual modality approach to holistic health. We offer natural remedies for fast-acting symptomatic relief as well as products meant for addressing systemic body functioning and long-term health.


Of course, each of our natural remedies can work on its own to help relieve a particular symptom or address a certain system in the body.


But dual modality takes natural health a step further. It's a two-pronged approach to complete holistic health support for the whole body.


Why the Dual Modality Approach?

The systems of the body are interrelated. Everything works in conjunction. Naturally, normal functioning and health is best achieved when our systems are in balance and harmony.


No one's perfect. But a holistic approach to health supports your body's work towards that ideal balance and harmony. And the best way to go holistic? Dual modality.


Natural remedies manufactured the correct way can work to promote an environment for holistic balance in the body. Herbal supplements can support systemic health for the long-term, and homeopathic medicines can be used to temporarily relieve short-term, currently experienced symptoms.


Taken together, as a duo, you have a complete approach to promoting whole health.

    • Homeopathic medicines to help in relieving acute symptoms of a temporary condition. They're side effect-free with no known drug interactions.


    • Herbal supplements to work on the root cause of the problem by supporting systemic functioning and addressing the organ, body system, and individual as a whole.

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