Bearberry leaf

Bearberry leaf reduces the symptoms of urinary tract infections and promotes antimicrobial activity.


English Name: Bearberry leaf


Latin Name: Arctostaphylos uva-ursi


Type: Herbal


What is Bearberry leaf?

Bearberry leaf is a flowering plant with waxy-looking leaves and plump berries. 42 The leaves are green and contain striations that give them a textured appearance, and the berries have a vibrant red color.


The plant is native to Russia, Europe, North America, and South America. 43 American Indians used the stems and leaves for a tonic.44


Medicinal Uses of Bearberry leaf

According to the European Medicines Agency, bearberry leaf is used for lower urinary tract infections. 45 The agency says in the Assessment Report on Arctostaphylos uva-ursi (L.) Spreng, folium that arbutin, an active compound from this herb, is responsible for antimicrobial activity against bacteria from urinary tract infections.


In the book, A Modern Herbal, author Mrs. M. Grieve, says: “During its excretion, Arbutin exercises an antiseptic effect on the urinary mucous membrane…” 46


In addition to arbutin, bearberry leaf contains other therapeutic compounds such as ursolic acid and quercetin. 47

Photos of Bearberry leaf

naturally reduce symptoms of urinary tract infections with bearberry leaf   Bearberry Leaf

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