Buchu contains urinary antiseptic properties and naturally assists digestive health with antioxidants.


English Name: Buchu


Latin Name: Agathosma betulina


Type: Herbal


What is Buchu?

Buchu is an evergreen shrub with white or purple flowers. The plant is native to South Africa and is used as a flavoring. 6,7  Buchu is part of the citrus family. 8


Agathosma betulina, also known as round-leaf buchu, contains five petals. The British started using Buchu in the 1800s, and it was used by early Dutch settlers.9,10


Medicinal Uses of Buchu

One of the active ingredients in buchu is diosphenol, which is derived from buchu leaf oil. 11,12 Buchu has been used as a urinary antiseptic and a digestive tonic. 13


The plant has other potential medicinal properties. Scientists tested a highly concentrated version of buchu oil on the smooth muscle in a guinea pig’s small intestines. 14 The oil was able to reduce spasms in the ileum portion of the animal’s small intestines.


Buchu leaves also contain flavonoids, compounds that can act as antioxidants.15


Photos of Buchu

herbal remedy buchu contains urinary antiseptic properties & antioxidants   Buchu

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