Herbal remedy gokshura contains natural aphrodisiac properties and promotes proerectile function.


English Name: Gokshura


Latin Name: Tribulus terrestris


Type: Herbal


What is Gokshura?

Gokshura is an herb that’s native to Africa, Asia, Australia, and Europe.58 The plant has
five-petaled yellow flowers; green leaves that are covered with white, hair-like fibers; and small, spiny fruit.59


Gokshura fruit is said to contain a substance that improves men’s sex drive, and the herb has a long history of usage in India’s Ayurvedic medicine.60,61


Medicinal Uses of Gokshura

Scientists have studied gokshura’s effect on animals and determined that the herb does have aphrodisiac properties.62 In a study, protodioscin, a substance in gokshura, showed proerectile properties in animals.63


Scientists have even noted that gokshura has increased testosterone levels in animals and may be useful for some cases of erectile dysfunction.64 In addition, laboratory tests that were published in a study showed that this herb can be used against the disease-causing fungus, Candida albicans.65


Photos of Gokshura

promote proerectile function with the aphrodisiac properties of gokshura   Gokshura

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