Kola nut

Herbal remedy kola nut fights signs of fatigue & weakness and helps protect human tissue from damage.


English Name: Kola nut


Latin Name: Kola vera


Type: Herbal


What is Kola Nut?

The kola tree is an evergreen native to West Africa, South America and the West Indies that can grow up to 82 feet tall and is sometimes called Cola nitida or bitter cola.110 Its long, oval leaves are bright green with a slight sheen. The flowers are white with light-brown edges and dark markings at the center.


The tree belongs to the Malvaceae family and produces nuts that have been used as a food source and stimulant since ancient times1 and that were used to flavor soft drinks in the late 19th and early 20th centuries.111,112 Authors have detailed the rich history of the kola nut, noting that this chewable stimulant was popular in Europe and the Americas as far back as the 16th century.113,114 A mature tree can produce 20 to 35 pounds of nuts a year for the duration of 80 years1.


How Does Kola Nut Work?

The kola nut contains several substances that work as stimulants in the human body. It is a natural source of caffeine, but it is also rich in theobromine and kolanin, which are also present in most chocolate. Another important component of the nut is its phenolic compounds1, which have been shown in studies to work as antioxidants that help protect cells from damage and aid in cell regeneration2.


What Are the Benefits of Kola Nut?

Because of its caffeine content, kola nut helps increase feelings of alertness and energy, similar to the way a cup of coffee does. It can also boost the metabolism and encourage a stronger flow of oxygenated blood to the extremities. These effects can benefit physical performance, including during sexual activity, as well as spark mental alertness1.


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fight signs of fatigue & weakness naturally with herbal remedy kola nut   Kola nut

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