Saw palmetto

Saw Palmetto helps naturally promote prostate health by alleviating lower urinary tract symptoms.


English Name: Saw palmetto


Latin Name: Sabal serrulata


Type: Herbal


What is Saw palmetto?

Saw palmetto is a palm plant that’s native to the southeastern part of the United States.101 The long, thin leaves branch out into a fan-like shape and contain serrated edges. The plant also bears fruit that was eaten by Native Americans and ranges in color from yellowish-green to blue-black.102,103


Authors say that the Seminole Indians ate the saw palmetto berries and used the berries for certain problems.104,105 According to the Harvard Medical School, an herbal extract is derived from the berries.106


Medicinal Uses of Saw palmetto

In a recent study, scientists found that a saw palmetto extract could alleviate the lower urinary tract symptoms from benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH), also known as an enlarged prostate.107


In another recent study, scientists learned that this same type of extract could inhibit the inflammatory response of cells lining the prostate.108


When a saw palmetto extract was given to patients prior to surgery for BPH, the patients had fewer problems during and after surgery, a study says.109


Photos of Saw palmetto

naturally help promote prostate & urinary tract health with saw palmetto   Saw Palmetto

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