Who We Are: The Native Remedies Mission

Who We Are: The Native Remedies Mission

Inspiring people to embrace a natural approach to complete family wellness.


After watching their nephew struggle with ADHD and the side effects of numerous medications, our founders realized there had to be a better way.  Committed to finding a natural way to mitigate symptoms and support long term systemic health, they gathered a team of experts in naturopathy, homeopathy and other wellness disciplines to deliver products that were safer, better, and free of negative side effects, naturally.  Soon, they developed BrightSpark™ and Focus Formula™ to temporarily relieve the symptoms of attention problems and promote the ability to focus without the negative side effects that come with prescription drugs.


BrightSpark™ and Focus Formula™ remain flagship products in the line today and have been joined by over 200 more herbal and homeopathic remedies. The same commitment to holistic wellness remains today. When formulating products, Native Remedies combines research from our team of experts in natural health with documented data on traditional medicine, as well as recent clinical research on natural ingredients.


Native Remedies is a cruelty free brand with no animal testing. We are committed to preserving the balance of our environment by using sustainably, organically farmed or ethically wild crafted ingredients whenever possible and the Full Spectrum method of extraction to maintain the plant’s natural integrity and balance.  All of our remedies are manufactured with the highest pharmaceutical standards in FDA-registered facilities, according to cGMP standards. Native Remedies products are made from only the highest quality, laboratory-tested, raw ingredients formulated in therapeutic dosage. Our products are free of added fillers such as gluten, artificial color, flavors, or preservatives.


Today, the Native Remedies team continues its mission of finding a better way to family wellness.  We continue to research and develop quality products that support long term systemic health and are safe, effective and virtually side-effect free.  As our family grows and evolves we remain committed to helping you find a better way.


We deliver on our mission by following these guiding principles:


Ensuring Quality. We start with whole herbs, wild crafted where possible, and use the Full Spectrum method of extraction to create the most effective supplements. Our homeopathic medicines are made in cGMP-certified facilities using 100% natural ingredients. Our remedies are free of added gluten, artificial colors, flavors and preservatives, and are never tested on animals.


Building Trust. We manufacture according to the highest pharmaceutical standards, in FDA registered facilities, according to the principals of cGMP.


Providing Information & Education. We educate our customers on the benefits of holistic living and the dual modality approach (using herbal and homeopathic remedies together), while providing unbiased, factual, and useful information to help you make informed decisions about your ailments and our remedies.


Offering Personalized Advice. We are committed to offering personalized answers to address your individual needs through our customer service support team, our free Ask Our Experts service, and the Health A-Z Ailment Index.


Exceeding Customer Expectations. From our unbeatable customer service to our Unconditional Money Back Guarantee, our dedication to customer satisfaction does not end when you receive your product.

Living the Life. At home and work we partake in a hands-on approach to complete wellness, from incorporating natural remedies into our own daily routines to encouraging others to adopt a holistic approach to health.


Bettering Our Community. Nestled in the heart of Wisconsin's Fox Valley area, we believe in taking positive action on a company level, and that every team member can make a contribution through donations, volunteering, shopping local, and other community activities.


Attracting Responsible Partners. We operate our company in a manner that actively recognizes the central role business partners play. By empowering and working together with our wholesale, drop ship, and distribution partners in sharing our products locally, nationally, and globally, we contribute to the success of our mission as a collective team.

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