Body Cleansing

Learn about cleansing your body for a full body toxin cleanse.

What is Body Cleansing?

Body cleansing is popular these days. Environmental toxicity, unhealthy diets and sedentary lifestyles have drastically increased illness and general feelings of “unwellness.” A body cleanse lets you rid your body of unnecessary toxins and gives it a reset.

Human bodies naturally clear toxins through the liver, sweat, urine and feces. Still, our natural detoxification processes can get overloaded and become unable to eliminate toxins properly.

Our bodies are exposed to toxins via the food we eat, the water we drink and pollution in the environment. Eventually, our bodies reach the point that they need help coping. That’s when it’s time for a cleanse. A cleanse helps boost the body’s natural ability to get rid of pollutants that build up in our system over time.

A body cleanse, or body detox, is also helpful after a night of overindulgence. Eating the wrong foods or consuming too much alcohol can leave us feeling unwell. A cleanse can help give the body an overall reset.

Some people do a body cleanse after giving up habits like alcohol, drugs or cigarettes. This helps speed up cleansing the system of harmful poisons that could remain in fatty tissue years after quitting the habit.

Body cleansing is also used as a weight loss tool. Sometimes methods like diuretics and laxatives are used to help flush toxic substances from the body. Be sure to get medical advice before starting strict detox protocols such as water fasts or juice fasts.

When Should You Do a Body Cleansing?

A body cleanse isn’t just for “unhealthy” people. We are all exposed to many chemicals and toxins every day, so even people who lead relatively healthy lifestyles can gain health benefits from cleansing.

Regular Scheduled Body Cleansing

Regular full body cleanses are important to maintaining good health. Years of poor eating habits, stress and environmental pollution all cause toxins to build up in the body. This affects the functioning of the colon, liver and kidneys.

Bowel movements are the key to good digestive health. At least one bowel movement per day is ideal for the digestive system. Poor bowel function can lead to poor immune system health, reduced liver function and kidney problems. A body cleanse can help the bowels eliminate waste, which helps other organs function better. Cleansing helps maintain bowel, liver and kidney health.

Before & After Pregnancy

Body cleansing before pregnancy can help boost a woman’s overall feelings of wellness. Many toxins accumulate in the body over the years, and performing a cleanse helps get rid of these before pregnancy. Otherwise, toxins could be passed into the uterus.

After the baby is born, it takes time for the mother’s body to adjust. Body cleansing can help speed the process up. A cleanse can help a new mother boost energy levels, balance hormones and shed weight gained during pregnancy.

After Alcohol & Drug Use

Using alcohol and drugs in any amount affects the body. The liver and kidneys are especially affected by alcohol and drugs. The longer you use or abuse alcohol or drugs, the more toxins the body builds up in the liver and kidneys.

Long-term use of alcohol or drugs over time may cause the liver and kidneys to stop functioning properly. The result can be conditions such as diabetes and obesity. Performing a body cleanse to eliminate toxins from alcohol and drugs can help prevent possible long-term conditions from developing in the future.

How to Naturally do a Full Body Cleansing?

Simple ways to naturally detox the body include getting more exercise and changing your diet. A detox diet focuses on removing toxins from your body and consuming healthy foods, fruit and vegetable juices.

Foods that help detox the body include wild rice, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrot, papaya, peaches, cauliflower and celery. They help your body eliminate toxic substances through your stool and urine.

Green leafy vegetables like kale and cabbage are beneficial alkaline foods. This means they help maintain the weak alkaline state of the blood by neutralizing excess sugar and detoxifying the blood.

Some fruits and vegetables can help dissolve built up toxins in the body before eliminating waste through the excretory system. The most powerful are lemons, oranges, grapefruits, grapes, plums, apples and tomatoes.

Eliminate processed foods and sugary sodas. Focus on drinking lemon water, green tea and fruit and vegetable juices.

Things to Remember When Starting A Body Cleansing Program

  • Be careful. There are many cleanses out there. Not only are some ineffective, but some can actually be dangerous.
  • A full body toxin cleanse should be gentle and enhancing. Some people start strict detox diets that eliminate food altogether or contain just one type of food for many days. This type of diet can be unhealthy and rob the body of essential nutrients. Your body needs sustenance.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Eliminate foods containing toxins and increase consumption of foods containing vitamins and nutrients. Increase fiber intake.
  • Start with your mind. The more mentally prepared you are for your detox, the greater your chance of success. Use the cleansing time to reconnect with your inner self and appreciate the moment. Mental preparation can have a huge effect on the physical body.

Natural supplements can help your body cleansing be as effective as possible. Some helpful supplements to enhance your body’s natural detoxification system include DetoxSlim™ for Cleansing Support, Detox Drops™ for Cleansing Support, ColoFlush™ for Colon Cleansing, and Protect & Cleanse ComboPack.


Reviewed by Master Herbalist, Mary Ellen Kosanke

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