ComfyPet Pain Relief™ for Minor Aches & Pain

Homeopathic medicine for minor aches and pains in cats and dogs


What is ComfyPet Pain Relief™?

ComfyPet Pain Relief™ is a safe, non-addictive natural remedy containing 100% homeopathic ingredients selected to temporarily relieve minor aches and pains in cats and dogs. It may be used regularly to temporarily reduce minor discomfort of the muscles and joints as a result of old age or injury, or as needed for relief.

ComfyPet Pain Relief™ is also an excellent companion to Muscle & Joint Support™.

ComfyPet Pain Relief™ is presented in a convenient drops that is easy to administer without fussing or fighting. Simply drop directly into your pet's mouth or onto their food or water.

All PetAlive® homeopathic products and biochemic tissue salts are manufactured in an FDA-registered and cGMP-compliant pharmaceutical facility under the supervision of qualified homeopaths and responsible pharmacists. Individual ingredients are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States (HPUS).

The Natural Way

Ensuring your pet maintains a holistic healthy lifestyle, encompassing proper nutrition, sleep, and exercise is key. Nutrition is vital in the promotion of healthy joints and muscles, so a diet high in essential nutrients and low in processed foods and additives is ideal. Whenever possible, ensure that your pet's diet is free of grains such as corn and soy (typically found in most processed kibble), as grains may aggravate existing conditions in pets.

What are the ingredients?

ComfyPet Pain Relief™ is a 100% homeopathic formula, contains these HPUS ingredients in equal volumes of 12X, 30X and LM1 potencies, and has the following indications (purposes): Aesculus hipp, Arnica, Bellis, Bryonia, Hypericum, Ledum, Lithium carb, Phytolacca, Rhus tox.

  • Aesculus hipp is indicated for aching and soreness in limbs, lameness in neck, aching between shoulder blades.
  • Arnica is indicated for pain in back and limbs, sprained and dislocated feeling, soreness after overexertion, aching sensations such as those felt after physical exertion or after being struck, contusion, stiffness, muscular pain.
  • Bellis is indicated for muscular soreness, lameness, sore joints, and muscular soreness.
  • Bryonia for knees stiff and painful, joints red hot, swollen with stitches and tearing, worse on least movement, acute piercing, searing pains made worse by slightest movement, acute rheumatic pain, red hot joints relieved by hot compress.
  • Hypericum is best known for its effect on the nervous system and emotional health, Hypericum prepared according to homeopathic principles may be prescribed for shock, as well as for sharp pains, especially in nerve-rice areas of the body such as the face, feet, or base of the spine.
  • Ledum is indicated for pains shooting through the feet and limbs, and in joints, particularly small joints. Pressure in the shoulder which worsens with motion and swollen ankles.
  • Lithium carb for paralytic stiffness all over, itching about joints, rheumatic pains through the shoulder joints and small joints.
  • Phytolacca is indicated for aching, soreness and restlessness.
  • Rhus tox for hot, painful swelling of joints, pains tearing in tendons, ligaments and fascia, periarticular connective tissue, tendons, ligaments, painful stiffness which is relieved by motion.
  • Inactive Ingredients: "HPUS" purified water, Vegetable glycerin.

How do I use ComfyPet Pain Relief™?

Using a dropper, administer 3 times daily. If preferred, drops can be mixed with a small amount of water or food.

Cats and dogs under 20 lbs: 4-6 drops.
Dogs 20-50 lbs: 0.25 m.L
Dogs over 50 lbs: 0.50 mL.

May be repeated more frequently as needed for extra support. For more frequent use, apply 2 drops every 20-30 minutes for up to 10 times.

ComfyPet Pain Relief™ is also safe for small pets.
Ferrets and rabbits: 1 drop.
Hamsters, gerbils and mice: 1 drop.

ComfyPet Pain Relief™ is a homeopathic remedy and is safe for animals of all ages. There are no known drug interactions.

For additional support, ComfyPet Pain Relief™ can be used concurrently with Muscle & Joint Support™.

Caution: If pet is pregnant or nursing, ask a health professional before use. If symptoms persist or worsen, consult a health care professional. Keep this and all medicines from the reach of children.

Get optimum support with regular use.

Pets respond to natural remedies in different ways. To ensure your pet maintains optimum health it is important to administer natural remedies as directed and remain consistent. You may also find that giving your pet a smaller maintenance dose is beneficial for ongoing support. Many customers report using them regularly as part of a maintenance program that supports continued health and well-being of their beloved animals.

How long will a bottle last?

One 2 fl oz bottle of ComfyPet Pain Relief™ will last 30-40 days depending on the size and needs of your pet.

*Usage claims for this product are based on Homeopathic Materia Medica, a system of medicine practiced around the world for over 200 years. There are no current federally recognized clinical or scientific studies in regards to the efficacy of this product or homeopathy in general. The practice of homeopathic medicine is not accepted by all medical experts. These 'Uses' have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product has not been clinically tested by Silver Star Brands, Inc.
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