English Name: Tuberculinum (30C)


Latin Name: Tuberculinum (30C)


Type: Homepathic


What is Tuberculinum?

Tuberculinum (30C) is a homeopathic medicine that is prepared from sterilized bacteria. This homeopathic remedy was discovered in the late 1800s and has a long history of medicinal use in the prevention and treatment of tuberculosis. Homeopathic medicines may be produced from healing substances, neutral substances, or highly toxic substances like arsenic. Yet through the unique homeopathic process, they all become safe, deep acting medicines. In fact, remedies made from poisonous or toxic material have effects opposite from the original substance.

What are the benefits of Tuberculinum?

Immune Support and Well-Being

Tuberculinum (30C), a potent homeopathic remedy, offers various benefits for your immune system and overall health. Traditionally known for its role in preventing and treating tuberculosis, it has a long history of medicinal use. This homeopathic medicine is made from sterilized bacteria and is recognized for its deep-acting effects.


Respiratory Health and Allergy Relief

Tuberculinum (30C) extends its efficacy to the management of respiratory conditions, including colds, asthma, and allergies. This natural remedy can help individuals find relief from these issues. Its profound influence on the respiratory system makes it a valuable option for those seeking a holistic approach to health.


Emotional Balance and Stress & Anxiety Reduction

From a homeopathic perspective, Tuberculinum (30C) is best suited for individuals who crave constant stimulation and change, often accompanied by emotions like destructive anger, disillusionment, irritability, and a strong sense of discontent. This remedy can help soothe irritability, control neurotic behavior, and promote emotional well-being.


Holistic Approach to Wellness

Tuberculinum (30C) offers a holistic approach to wellness, focusing on both physical and emotional health. Whether you're dealing with respiratory issues, emotional imbalances, or simply seeking a natural immune system booster, this homeopathic medicine has versatile applications.


Variety of Potencies for Individual Needs

Tuberculinum is available in various potencies, including Tuberculinum 200 and Tuberculinum 30C. These different potencies make it suitable for various health concerns, ensuring that you can find the right solution that aligns with your individual needs.


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