Arsenicum Album

The Many Benefits of Arsenicum Album

Arsenicum Album is a homeopathic remedy used for a variety of acute and chronic conditions throughout the body, including the skin, digestive disorders and feelings of anxiety.


English Name: Arsenicum Album


Latin Name: Arsenicum Album


Type: Homeopathic


What is Arsenicum Album Made From?

Arsenicum Album is prepared by extracting arsenic from the mineral ore arsenopyrite (iron). The powder obtained from this process is ground and diluted in lactose. It is an extremely diluted form of arsenic that is safe in potencies above 6C. When one part of the full-strength substance is diluted into 100 parts liquid, that is called 1C. A designation of 6C means the dilution process has been performed 6 times, while 30C means it has been diluted 30 times. This produces a weak preparation of the original substance. Weak preparations of metallic arsenic have had a history of medicinal use, and scientific research supports the efficacy of homeopathic preparations.


What is Arsenicum Album?

Arsenicum Album is a common homeopathic remedy for both acute and chronic problems. Key homeopathic uses include treating nervousness and anxiety, digestive disorders, skin issues, mucosal inflammation and burning pains.


Homeopathic medicines may be produced from healing substances, neutral substances, or highly toxic substances like arsenic. Yet through the unique homeopathic process, they all become safe, deep acting medicines. In fact, remedies made from poisonous or toxic material have effects opposite from the original substance. Homeopathic remedies are based on the belief that “like cures like,” in tiny dilution.


Medicinal Uses of Arsenicum Album? 

This proven homeopathic remedy is used for a variety of acute and chronic conditions throughout the body, especially burning sensations and discharges. For colds and flu, Arsenicum Album is used to help irritated skin around the nose and mucosal inflammation of the respiratory and digestive systems. It soothes irritation of the nasal area from sneezing, coughing, watery discharges and burning sensations. For flu, Arsenicum is used to treat diarrhea, vomiting, nausea and burning pains in the stomach. Other digestive uses include food poisoning, heartburn, indigestion and burning in the rectal area. It helps relieve nervousness, restlessness, and anxiety. It is also an important skin remedy for ailments including eczema, flakey scalp and psoriasis.


From a homeopathic remedy profile perspective, Arsenicum Album is considered a constitutional remedy and can be suited for people who show meticulous attention to detail, feel restless, battle insecurity, work hard, have perfectionistic tendencies and feel extremely exhausted when ill.


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Reviewed by Master Herbalist, Mary Ellen Kosanke

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